Where can we have privacy if not in our home?

Less than a month ago I noticed an article in a Swedish newspaper that made me rage. The reason was both the article itself, the sexism against men and because I thought that Sweden was above Americas level of suing people for meaningless things.

A 50 year old man walked around naked in his own house, also take notice that this man had a hedge outside his house so someone that just passes by would probably not see that clearly if they didn’t take a good look. But, a 30 year old woman passes by and sees this naked man in his home.

In a normal case in Sweden the story would end right there. She would turn her head and go away, pretending that she hadn’t seen anything. There was a hedge in the way, I don’t know how high it was but the paper says that it conceals some of the view. With other words, for her to see this man completely naked, she must have looked over the edge with her own free will, on his property.

So in this case the woman goes to her husband and comes back another time to the house, with her husband and records the naked man going around in his own house, on his own property, with a hedge in the way for others praying eyes.  And not only do they film it once, but twice.

This woman then goes to the police and says that this man sexually harassed her even though she didn’t know if he even saw her. She wanted compensation on 9000 crown’s (1350 USD) because she had seen him naked.

In the end he didn’t have to pay her anything.


So this man walked around naked in his own home, with a hedge in the way. He didn’t have any intentions of showing himself to anyone, and he simply felt like dressing (or not dressing) as he wanted to in his own house when no one was there. He didn’t do anything wrong.

She on the other hand looked into his house on more than one occasion, which I don’t really see as a crime, but a bit creepy. She and her husband started to record into his house, over the hedge to get proof of him going around naked. Ever heard of privacy?

Why not go to his house, knock on the door, tell him “hey, I’m sorry I saw you naked yesterday. Could you put on a robe at least?” Not even that would be okay, but more okay than filming an innocent man that likes going around naked in the morning.

If that had been a woman and a man had seen her and then filmed her to show in court. Then she would have been freed and right afterwards sued him for sexually harassment by filming her. No one would let a man do such a thing but apparently it’s totally fine if a woman does it. Why?

I have a very neutral look at genders, I think both gender should be seen as equals and only the individuals personality and skills should be judged. If they say that it would be wrong for a man to record a woman in this same scenario but the woman was justified because the man showed himself naked, then there’s something wrong. Either both is wrong or both is right and I can only see it as both is wrong. Women shouldn’t have more rights than men in certain questions like who shall have the right to the baby or if they become a rape victim. Men shouldn’t have more rights than women in certain questions like salary and jobs. We should get a job for our skills, we should take care of our children equally even if we have split up, we should get equal salary for the same job and rape is rape it doesn’t matter if its on a woman or a man.

Stop right now humanity! Stop this ridiculous suing for nothing! Stop this meaningless gender wars of who is more oppressed than the other! Just stop it!

I think that if we just stop looking at genders and just see people, persons, individuals, then the world will become a better place.

Here you can find the article if you know Swedish!



PE everyday? Can’t beans be brown?


Sweden has become such a crybaby! We always complain even though we have a pretty good system. Nothing is perfect and you can’t make it perfect. NOT EVER. As fast as you have fixed everything that is bad you will just come up with something else that is in need of being fixed. And sometimes its things that isn’t a problem at all.

One example:
In Sweden we have brown beans that we have named bruna bönor (brown beans). Logical!
But now they think that it is racist to say brown beans so brown beans will now be named beans!

WHY???? THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT ARE OFFENDED IS THE WHITE SWEDISH PEOPLE… The immigrants in Sweden doesn’t even care about this kind of things… Brown is a f*cking color. In that case we should take away every color that is brown, red, white beige or yellow since all of them can be racist colors cause they are all skin colors. GIVE IT UP SWEDEN!!!

But that wasn’t what I were going to talk about. The real topic is what I read in the newspaper today.

Gym class 

In Sweden we have around one or two PE lessons every week depending on which school we are in. And everyone knows that you can’t only move around two times a week, you have to move around at least 30 minutes every day.

So today when I read the newspaper there was an article about PE teachers complaining on how few PE lessons we have. And I agree that we should have more than one lesson every week. Two or three lessons would probably be good, but not more than three and not less than two. At least that’s my opinion.

But they said that we should have 60 minutes PE everyday in our schools. They had a good argument for it, you think better during the day if you have worked out. But there are also a lot of things that can and will be bad PE EVERYDAY!

Here’s a small list:

  1. Bullying – Some people that aren’t good at sports, or are fat, are often bullied during PE lessons. Being chosen last in games like soccer and sometimes have to sit at the bench a whole match because the teacher isn’t paying attention to who has been in and not. If this happened every day, how would those people feel?
  2. Skipping lessons – People that doesn’t like sports or have a hard time with sports sometimes decides to not go to the lessons. If they would have PE everyday then its most likely that they will show up even less because once a week is already more than they are comfortable with.
  3. Time – Some people can’t handle having PE lessons just when they have gotten out of bed, so if they have it the first thing in the morning they might think about skipping because they are too tired to do it. If they have it as the last lesson before lunch some might skip because they are too hungry. If it is the last lesson at the day they might be too tired after a long day in school to be able to go through the PE lesson. If every class are going to have PE everyday, then some classes will get to have it on very bad times and some students will not show up. Of course this is already happening some classes in every school even though its only one or two lessons a week.
  4. After school activities – If people are sporting after school then it can become too much after some time to first have PE during the day then in the evening go and have soccer training for some hours. Some might enjoy it while others may quit their after school activity because it becomes too much.

Of course these kind of things are different for everyone, every person have different needs. Some people prefer a good book while others wants to run after a ball for hours without getting tired.

I think that its better to let the kids do their exercise after school if they want to do it, and not force them to do something they don’t want to do everyday for nine years + high school. For me, PE was torture during my nine first years and I would NEVER have gone to the lessons if it had been more than two times a week.

An argument people have for letting them do this in school is that many kids doesn’t have an after school activity, so they don’t move around as much as they should. Well, educate them and tell them that if they don’t move this much everyday then they will probably become fat diabetic people. Then it will be their fault for not doing anything about it!

Okay, that became too much, I know. What I meant to say was that if we educate them well enough then they will understand what they have to do to stay healthy. And I don’t mean to just say it once, really imprint it into their minds and show them horrible pictures of what they can become and movies about peoples life being ruined by fat and such things. Yes I think that scaring the kids can help a little bit. Not all the way, but a little bit.

So tell me what you think.
Do you think Sweden are lazy as fuck and should have more PE? How much? Two-three times a day or everyday?
Is after school activities enough?
Am I too cold hearted towards the kids?

Now I have not only talked about the small kids, I mean all kids from 1st grade all the way up to high school. And I finished high school just half a year ago so I still remember the pain of PE xD

Now I shall leave you all :3 Hope you enjoyed my ranting. Peace out!

Go away snow!

I disappear for another month and I get a visitors record AGAIN! Why does people only come here when I am away?

Ooooh… Now I’m sad… you don’t like when I write stuff… *depressed*

I’m just kidding! x3

Anyway, my hair has grown out and now I am able to get all of it into a pony tail. FINALLY!!! 
We have also gotten snow here in Sweden. NOOOOOOOO!!

And the temperature is dropping lower and lower o.O

I have dressed the Christmas tree in black, and grey balls 😀 Balls? Wait what? … You know these kind of missunderstandings doesn’t happen in Swedish were Christmas balls is just named kulor… which also means balls… which… FORGET IT!!! It was probably only me who saw the pervy side of it anyways /(<_<)\

Time for a Christmas tale.. or not!
Yesterday night around two I decided that I were going to bed, then one of my friends on the internet told me “STAY UP AND JOIN THE GIRLS PARTY ON SKYPE IN TWO HOURS”
After some time she were able to make me stay, and then when it became morning for me and evening for her she decided to leave the party even though she said it would go on for the whole night. It only went out for five hours >_< I stayed with two other people for two more hours and then another had to leave then I decided to leave since I needed breakfast.

The whole day went by just fine without noticing anything bad about being up all night. Then it became four a clock in the afternoon and I half died in the couch xD

I woke up again around nine in the evening and felt like a … I don’t even know. I felt sick, my stomach hurt and ofc my period had started. I felt so bad so I seriously thought I were going to die if I went to sleep at that moment xD But I still went to sleep and I actually woke up to another day 😀

A weird thing is that my parents didn’t even notice that I didn’t leave my room or made any noise for five hours when I were sleeping on my couch… .. .. I don’t know if I should take that as a sign that my parents doesn’t love me enough to bother with me. Or if I should take it as a sign that I must leave my room more often so they actually notices if I die in there xD

Yesterday was the first day in my life that I actually spoke to people on skype. Usually I only type. I hate speaking in English because my accent sucks xD

Oh well, a really good thing with being the only non-English person on the party was that I could do a lot of  Swedish/English jokes with words like bra x3 I were using that word all evening (JUST BECAUSE I CAN) (it means good btw)

I can’t tell you anything that happened on the party because then the other girls would probably search threw all corners of Sweden, and once they found me they would torture me for hours before eventually I would die. They would probably not even let me die, they would just keep torturing me without letting me die for YEEAARS! Yes, I think they are that crazy… After all, iwaku is full of maniacs. (I’m talking about myself too)

Anyway… I won’t go out on any walks before all this horrible snow is gone Dx I will probably become fat during winter! (How did this have anything to do with anything?)

This was all for now 🙂 I will leave you with fart ^^ (Fart is speed in Swedish, what did you think about?)

SLUT! (The end!)

Madness & The last journey

Hello again

This time I come with some writing work I have done. On iwaku roleplay forum we have a part of the forum that has writing challenges, this is two works I have done, the first one is from February and the second one are from yesterday.

The first text: 
This was a picture challenge, first I’ll give you the picture that we were going to write about then the text I wrote to it.


Hate, despair, cruel.. He’s fault, everything.

A woman walking down the street by herself at midnight, her thoughts were filled of rage, hate, despair. She was certain of the fact that he had cheated on her, she was certain that it was all his fault. She had been faithful towards him for so long and still he did those kind of things to her. As if she wouldn’t notice that he never came to see her anymore, as if she wouldn’t notice that his excuses of the work taking to much time weren’t a lie.

Lier, cheater, the world would be better if you just died.

Thoughts running threw her mind, unstoppable thoughts that came up to the serface all the time. She needed to take away these thoughts before they would drive her insane.

If he were gone then I wouldn’t…

Yes if he were gone, then she wouldn’t feel like that, the problems would be solved. He was the root to all her thoughts, to the devil lurking in her once so gentle heart, her heart that now had turned ice cold and dark of despair and hate. If she were going to hell because of him then she would take him with her.


She stopped in the middle of her steps, yes ofcourse, she just needed to erase him. That was perfect, if he didn’t excist then everything would be fine. She turned around and started to walk to his appartment, a grin decorated her face.

Erase him will solve it.

The thoughs spinned around in her head and a somewhat crazy happiness filled her whole body, he would be erased soon. God would help her do it, he wouldn’t let her go to hell, she were a good girl. It was him who were at fault, but if she erased him then everything that he made her do against God would be forgiven. Her soul would be free.

She knocked on the door to his appartment, no answer. She knocked again, she heard someone moving inside. She knocked a third time, now he were awake and walked towards the door. She had her face facing the floor, he would think she were sad while in reality she actually were hiding a grin that only a maniac would be able to make. He got concerned about her and let her inside the apartment, while he went to make her a cup of coffee she went to one of his drawers, she knew he had a gun in it. She needed to kill him before he killed her, he would do it when he thought she weren’t good enough. Even if he wouldn’t do it she would always just be someone he cheated on. This wasn’t for her, this was for God and all the other women he were with.

Kill him, kill him now She thought but another part of her had started to waver No I can’t kill him But she couldn’t give up so easily God will help me do it, I must kill him.

At that thought he came out to her and saw her with the gun.
“What are you doing?” He asked and she turned around pointing the gun at him.
“This is all your fault, you should never have been born you devil.” She shouted while tears started to run down, then her expression of despair disappeard and got replaced by a grin. “You will never hurt anyone again. Never” She said while walking closer. He started to move but there was no chance to take the way to the door so he automatically moved towards the window.
“Please calm down, I don’t know what you’re talking ab…” “LIAR” She screamed interupting his sentence then she shoot. Just when he heard the gun he jumped backwards without thinking about the window, he fell out of the window and felt how the bullet went in to his chest. But the pain didn’t last long because he died as fast as he reached the ground.

The woman laughed, the laugh grew higher and the tears became more and more, she had done it, she had killed the devil.
I’m free 
Her shaking hand moved up towards her head
I’m finally free from the devil, God you understand right?
Her eyes wide open as she started to move her fingers.
I will meet you soon, please accept me
A second shot came from the room and the police soon came to find the body of a woman in the mans apartment

Second text:
This was more of a writing practice than a challenge, we were supposed to write a text where either our character dies or them seeing another character dies.

The last journey 

Everyone had to die at some point, some died young, some died old. Björn Bergvid were an old viking, the most didn’t reach such an high age. Only skilled warriors could reach such an high age, he had succeeded. He had survived one of his sons whom died in his twenties, he had also survived many of his childhood friends. Hopefully he wouldn’t have to survive his second son, after all, a parent shouldn’t have to watch their children die. Maybe it was his fault that his son died, he could have trained him better.

The old man looked out over the water. Not too far away were land, the land that they had just invaded. The land where Bergvid had become gravely injured. Even the best of fighters became injured, he would be fighting again in some days. At least so he thought.

Father, you should rest or else your wound won’t heal.” Tor told his father while putting a hand on his fathers shoulder.
I couldn’t keep my promise.” Bergvid said, mostly to himself. He had promised his wife a great fortune when he returned, but it hadn’t gone as planned. They had gotten gold and silver from the village but after being divided between the over twenty men it wasn’t that much that everyone got. Never had so many gotten so hurt during one of their journeys, not even once had they been forced to surrender before. Maybe he were too old to keep being a viking, maybe it was time to join his son in Valhalla.

Father, come in and rest for a bit

He walked with his son beside him, he stumbled a couple of times and first then he noticed how badly injured he actually were. When he laid down he started to feel the pain in the wounds and it got worse for every second. Even though they didn’t know about it the wounds were gravely infected, that night would be his last night alive.

The sweat didn’t stop pouring down and soon he started to cough. The coughs had started before they had started their invasion which failed, but now it seemed to get worse. It only took a couple of hours before he couldn’t even move anymore. Not only were the wounds infected, they also couldn’t stop bleeding and the sickness he had caught before the invasion only got worse. At some point he started to talk, Tor could barely make out fathers words as they came as a wheezy whisper.
I will join your brother in Valhalla soon, I’ll be waiting for you there.
His hand fell down from his sons shoulder which he had grabbed as he started to talk. He still were breathing, but not for long.

Even though it was a long journey back and the men wanted to get rid of the body fast because it would start to rot, they still had their honor as vikings. To just get rid of the body of their leader would be shameful for both the crew, the family and Bergvid himself. So they let the body stay on the ship the whole journey and when they got home with his dead body they put him on a smaller viking ship which then his wife went into.

Eva, his wife, looked at her son a last time “I will join your father and brother in Valhalla, we will all wait for you there. Become a great viking as your father, and Oden will let you meet us again someday.” She laid down in the boat beside her dead husband, the rotting body smelled awful and were barely recognizable anymore but she didn’t mind. Soon she would see him in flesh and blood again, on the other side.

As they put the ship on fire Tor could only stand there and watch as his mother got burned to death while the boat were pushed away from the shore. One tear fell from his eye as he lost his family, now he were alone. At least until he got married and get a new family.

I mostly came up with the last one because I had done a plot challenge where we should write something that had with runic engravings, and because I’m Swede I must create a Swedish viking. After that I noticed the death writing exercise and come to think about that I had written in the plot challenge that he would die so I used him in the other one too xD

Here is the plot challenge:
The year was 934 AD. Björn Bergvid, a Swedish viking from Öland, were about to make his last journey before his life would end. With a crew of over twenty strong men he would travel towards what we today call united kingdom. Unknowing about the fate that waited him he kissed his wife goodbye before promising that he would return with a great fortune. This journey would be made to honor his dead son, he died as a great warrior and now he probably were at Oden’s side waiting for his father to join him. 

Before he left he went to the rune stone that had been raised for his son, the one that Björn himself had made. “I will see you in Valhalla my son.” He said before leaving towards the ship and the men that waited for him. He may be old but he was still a viking and a warrior, he wouldn’t give up just yet. 

The westboro baptist church (About Sweden)

Oh my… !
Right now I am reading at Godhatestheworld.com which is made by the westboro baptist church. I am checking what they have written about Sweden because they obviously hates Sweden because we accepts gay marriage and adoption by gays and all that shit that God forbid. Well, what did you expect from one of the least religious countries in the world?

Anyway, I am laughing my ass off xD Some of their arguments are just hilarious ^^ I can’t even get angry anymore when really religious people say something that I can’t agree with, instead it just sounds like jokes x3

I really want to meet these people someday, I imagine the meeting to go like this:
I see them standing on the street with their cute little fag-signs and I start to walk up to them. Then I say “Hello, I’m from Sweden, I am going to hell which I am going to enjoy because you won’t be there, and by the way I read that you thought all Swedes got raised to become whores, well I am still a virgin but I hope to loose my virginity to my future wife. It was so nice to meet you, bye bye.” And then walk away with a smile.
It just sounds like a fun idea x3

This is one of the things I read at their page:
2009 – The number of young people with HIV has tripled in the past five years according to recent studies. How could that be? I thought Sweden was so wholesome and holy.I guess not considering the fact that the ones that are spreading it are the fags! You little nasties! Sweden has effectively raised all of their daughters to be whores and all of their sons to be fags, the next thing you know, ALL of your children will be coming home in body bags!

Yeah, the fags are spreading HIV, it’s always the fags. All daughters are raised to be whores, doesn’t whore mean that you lie around for money? I don’t know a single person of my friends that has done that, and I have certainly not. And if everyone were gay, how can there be so many guys with girlfriends? x) Seriously I have known three gay guys and fiftyeleven (Yeah, I can count gooood) straight guys xD And what’s with the body bag? You don’t die because you’re a whore or gay or Swede. DUH!


Bestiality in Sweden was decriminalized in 1944 along with homosexuality. Need we say more about the fact that fags are beasts? I digress.it is not a crime to have sex with animals according to Swedish law as long as it is consensual. Say what?!? That’s right, apparently Swedish animals can talk, they can say either yes or no to their masters doing NASTY things to them. What the?!? Anyway, you can be prosecuted if the animal is harmed in the act. Unfortunately, veterinarians see many injuries done to animals but they can’t quite tell if it’s caused by bestiality. Seriously people, you wonder why you’re cursed of God.it doesn’t take a brain surgeon!

The reason why they decriminalized bestiality was because it was written in the same part of the law as homosexuality, which was done from the beginning because we were a Christian country. Sweden is working on taking back the law that Criminalizes bestiality because not many people in Sweden thought it was okay xb DUH! Sweden made a mistake that now it about to bee fixed. Bestiality is having sex with an animal that can’t say no or yes but homosexuality is two people of the same sex that both says yes (for the most, or else it’s rape)

I have found one thing they say intelligent
How can you be a member of a church when youre a baby? How do you know if that baby has faith? This makes no sense!

I agree, in Sweden the most people becomes members in the Swedish church when they are born because their parents are. The parent’s didn’t have to allow it before but today it’s up to the parents if they want their children to get into the church or not. First when the child gets older they can decide themselves if they want to leave the church or not. It’s still pretty normal to Christen the children if both the parents has the same religion. I think, just let the children decide for themselves when they gets older.

I think they are so cute when they even check out or Swedish history just to try and find fags ^^
Christina of Sweden – Queen of Sweden (1626-1689) She spent her years as queen cross-dressing and defying her God. She preferred to company with men rather than women. The only reason she would company with women is when she thought they were beautiful and would court them (Ugh!).

You know what I say about her? :3
Badass 😀 I love this queen x3 I haven’t even heard of her before (We only learn about kings here xD hahaha)
Okay, so have I got this right? She defies God by cross-dressing, prefer guy friends and wants to court women. That sounds like me :9

You can check out what more they have written about Sweden here

Life is shit and then you die! Wanna argue about it?

I were just on facebook and noticed that there were something I had clicked ‘like’ on three years ago and I thought it was such a ridiculous thing so I stopped liking it. So Then I decided to look at all the pages on facebook I have ‘liked’ threw the years so I could take away everything that I didn’t like anymore.

Then suddenly I found this group “R.I.P Marcus Jannes” and I thought for a second “Who the hell is that? o.O Why am I in this group? o:” But soon a little lamp lightened up over my head. “Wasn’t that the Swedish guy whom took suicide some years ago while a lot of people on  internet was watching him?”

So I googled it and sure thing, it was him. I had totally forgotten about that incident and still I were one of them who got really chocked and read all about it when it had happened. It was a huge discussion about it for some months, he had written in a forum that he were going to commit suicide but no one took him seriously and some even provoked him to do it, then he actually did commit suicide in front of his webcam (he had a livestream)

And this phenomena was something we Swedish people had only heard about happening in America and other countries. School massacres, people killing themselves and show it on internet, suicide bombers, that is things that doesn’t happen in Sweden. But in the end we had to admit that we are a country that is as fucked up as all other countries and we are people that are as fucked up as other people in other countries. So now we have gotten us a suicide bomber (not a very good one but we had one) and a person that killed himself in front of internet. Now we are only waiting for a school massacre, it has already happened in Finland so it probably is our turn soon too.

But this wasn’t what I were going to talk about xD

So he committed suicide in front of the whole internet or … at least the Swedish part of the internet. And for many month there were newspapers that wrote about it, there were people writing in the same forum topic that he had started that said things like “he were an idiot” while other wrote like “R.I.P :'(” And other tried to figure out why he did it… Some said that he wanted attention and wanted to be remembered.

Well, if that was what he wanted then it worked… for a while… But I wonder, how many people actually remembers him today? If we take away his family and the people that were close to him then it’s probably no one that thinks about him if they aren’t reminded.

The family of someone that has died in any way will always remember that person, friends will of course also remember. But people that read about something in the newspapers or sees someone kill themselves on internet they remember for a while, but only as long as it is still a fresh topic to talk about. When everyone stops talking about it then you just forgets it. I watched the video where he died (not the livestream, I saw them afterwards. I don’t know why I looked it up but I did.) And at that time I were chocked but today I don’t feel anything for him. I didn’t know him, and if I wouldn’t have seen the video of him dying then I would probably have gotten over it the day after I had read about it in the papers.

If people would seek fame by killing themselves in front of the webcam then they are fools, they will be remembered for maybe a year, then people will ask “Who are you talking about?”

I don’t think that he tried to seek attention and wanted to be remembered, maybe he wanted to be saved or tried to get out a message that we just haven’t understood. Or maybe he thought about being remembered forever for committing suicide online but it didn’t go so well. I have no idea, I’m not him so I can’t speak for him.

Rest in peace Marcus

Don’t force your religion on me!

I have thought a lot of our graduation day since it happened a bit over a week ago. We spent half an hour in the church and heard a speech from the principal and some songs and such. What I have thought about is that they let the priest go up and have a speech about God even though a school law came 2011 that the schools can’t have any” religious influence” on the students.

This is what the law says (Swedish):
 Den nya skollagen trädde i kraft 1 juli 2011 och klargör tydligt att den svenska skolan är icke-konfessionell. Elever får inte utsättas för religiös påverkan och religiösa inslag i skolan inte är tillåtna.
Skolavslutningar får förekomma i kyrkor, fast utan inslag av religion.
Men det är tillåtet att sjunga ”Den blomstertid nu kommer” eftersom psalmen anses vara en tradition som starkt förknippasmed skolavslutningar.

English translation:
The new school-law came into effect 1 July 2011 and clearly clarifies that the Swedish school is non-denominational. Students aren’t allowed to be exposed of religious influence and religious features in school aren’t allowed.
Speechday (Graduation days, last day of the school year) are allowed to be in churches, but without religious features. But “den blomstertid nu kommer” is allowed to be sung because it is a tradition that is associated with Speechday.

It has been a tradition to be in churches on the last day of school in Sweden for a long time because we are a Christian country and I (as many others) think it’s a nice place to end the year. But now when we have so many new religions in the country, so many atheists etc. Can we really have someone talk about God?

I read an article today about this and the man that wrote it had a really good point. Everyone that goes in school doesn’t believe in God and not all people want to have something to do with this “God” to force people to go into a church and listen to someone talking about God when you don’t feel like listening to it that is just stupid. All people that are believers can go to the church any day they want, they can listen to a priest whichever day they want. They won’t miss anything just because they don’t hear a speech about God on the last day of school.

My own point of view is that we have to let everyone feel like they get to be a part of whatever it is. Like if you are playing a game then someone aren’t going to be left out. If we are going to let the Christian talk about their religion and their God during everyones last day in school then we have to let ALL religions have a speech about their Gods and believes. Atheists, Hindus, Christians and so on.
Why are we always hearing about the Christian God? We are in the 21th century, we should either let all religions have their voices heard during the last day of school or no religion. We have so many religions in our country now so we can’t just favorite Christians anymore.