About me

I’m Alec and I come from the ridiculously cold & warm country Sweden. I see myself as a genderless person and I don’t feel that comfortable being called a girl even though I physically am one. I am an agnostic atheist, and an Asexual. I like to discuss most things and I accept that everyone have their own opinion, and as long as people respect my opinions and believes then I will also respect theirs.

My native language isn’t English. I am from Sweden so I can’t speak nor write English completely fluently, but I am good enough to be understood. Except English and Swedish I am also learning Japanese and are planning to travel to Japan sometime in the future to study the language. Hopefully I will be able to get internet when I get there so that I can keep writing about things.

My hobbies are anime, manga and roleplaying. I also love music and that’s why I went to an arts program in high school that was focused on music. My first instrument was song and my second was piano. I also played violin for five or six years, but now I haven’t played for over three years so I don’t think I am that good anymore. I have also started to learn guitar.

I am subscribed to a bit over 100 channels on youtube, and most of their content are very different from each other. These are my favorite channels. TheAmazingAtheist, Pewdiepie, Cinemasins, Darkmatter2525, FarbrorEstersPojkar, JckSparrow, marblehornets, montefjanton, Nick Pitera, Smosh, ShaneDawsonTV, Swoozie06

In this blog I’ll write about everything that comes to mind. Sometimes it will be about my daily life and sometimes it will be about things that happens around in the world that bothers me. Sometimes I might write about music or anime that I like or dislike, and other times I might write a short story or a small essay.

I also have a tumblr blog where I write much shorter blogs about everything and anything, I post almost every day there. And I also have a second tumblr blog where I only write about anime & manga.
You can find them on these links:
Main tumblr blog 
Anime & manga blog

So in short, this blog is about everything, you never know what will come up next. And my tumblr is also about everything, but in a shorter use of words and more frequently updated. If you want to ask me something, anything at all, then you’re welcome to do so in my tumblr ask box. I accept anonymous asks.

Now I shall leave you with some thoughtful words.
~Kill wars with peace~ 


One thought on “About me

  1. rjrodriguez18 says:

    “I can’t English” is grammatically incorrect. cheers~ 😀

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